Lead Generation Data Solutions

At ADS we make your customer target databases bigger and more accurate, using socially-sourced lead generation data. If you need fresh leads, or require updates to existing databases, we are a leading B2B Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider who can update, standardise and enrich B2B contact data, enhancing its quality and making it actionable and more intelligent for immediate use.

Our Social Connect product offers clients access to the largest and most accurate B2B self-reported contact database available.  With over 320 million worldwide contacts, penetrating new markets has never been easier.  We’ve been meeting the data needs and market research of the modern sales and marketing professionals for over 18 years.

Low Cost Traditional Call Centre Solutions plus e-Contact

We operate a 400-person capacity e-Contact center in Montego Bay, Jamaica, providing traditional call center and cutting edge e-Contact services to industries globally.  These call center staff are highly trained in outbound and inbound revenue production along with online sales activities specializing in a cost-effective mechanism to initiate sales discussions and conversion from the market research, intelligent data and sales leads generated by the data solutions platform also offered by ADS.

The Jamaican location has many advantages including culturally centric English-speaking agents, cordial in nature, combined with cost-effectiveness.

Compliance with the EU data protection directive

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), adopted in April 2016, will be enforceable from May 2018 and companies across the wider EU will be required to be compliant in advance of that date. This directive addresses the protection of all EU citizens with regard to any processing of their personal data, such as mailing lists and also protects the movement of such data.

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