Company Overview

Since 1999, ADS have been offering a wide variety of database, market research and contact center management solutions, along with consulting and audience development services. The company was headquartered in Philadelphia where the main Network Operations Center (NOC) is still located at a co-location facility operated by Light Tower/Sidera. In 2001, ADS launched a nearshore strategy for America Direct Services Inc., which included offices in Barbados, Guyana and St. Vincent. Call Centre Operations were built out to over 500 workstations in just 4 years with the development of the largest privately owned call center group in the Caribbean specializing in B2B marketing & support services for their customers around the world. In 2004, America Direct divested its interests in the Eastern Caribbean and established operations in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

ADS have grown to employ more than 450 Professionals with a total of 15,000 square feet of office space located at the Montego Bay Freezone. ADS Global’s staff includes 25 IT professionals, fulfilment and data operations personnel, 25 supervisors and operations management staff, 50 support staff in quality control, accounting, HR, facilities, etc., and 300 agents. Additionally, it has Account Management and Sales Offices in Philadelphia, Miami, San Diego and Cleveland. ADS have fully redundant connectivity from multiple providers to ensure 24/7 service delivery, while reducing the cost to clients and maximizing reliability for time-sensitive activities.

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